3, Rue Cadi Sanhaji-Pinède-Souissi-10170 Rabat +212 066 765 890
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    ALA Studio Architecture & design

    « We create today to affect people’s emotions tomorrow »
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    ALA Studio Architecture & design

    « We work to reach the best possible balance between construction,
    technology, budget, environment and aesthetics »
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    ALA Studio Architecture & design

    « We value details »
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    ALA Studio Architecture & design

    « We solve problems »

About us

  Our Vision is to evolve the architecture of our times into new dimensions focusing on a sustainable development in order to meet present and future needs.  

~ Anwar Lamiri Alaoui ~   

Based in Rabat, ALA Design consists of over 500 highly skilled architects, structural, mechanical and electrical engineers, designers, interior designers, quality surveyors , project managers, professionals in human resources and marketing...  

Having acquired extensive training and professional experience, ALA Design team is fully qualified to undertake the design, execution, administration , feasibility, and direct supervision of the projects entrusted to the group. This will enables ALA Design to succeed as a multidisciplinary firm, and to ensure full attention to every project, small or large, local, regional, or international.

ALA Design works with an orchestrated immersion to implement ideas and innovations, as well as the alertness to all nuances of the design processes.  

By listening carefully to our clients and analyzing available data ALA Design team unveils the precise path of each project. We then present it through models, drawings, reference images. Our primary goal is to go one step beyond clients expectations.

OUR Projects


pavillon de chasse rabat

Villa Anfa Casablanca

villa californie

riad medina marrakech

villa du lac rabat

villa corniche casablanca

Villa Dar bouazza Casablanca

Villa des Ambassadeurs Rabat

Villa des Ambassadeurs 2 Rabat

Villa les orangers Rabat

villa anfa superieur Casablanca

villa oasis casablanca

espace commercial grande casablanca

Hôtel Selman Marrakech

mosquée sheikh zayed abu dhabi

maison d'hôte royale

residence royal abu dhabi

Hôtel jena medina marrakech

residence mouammar abu dhabi

vestiaire invité royal abu dhabi

diana holding rabat

ambassade des Emirats rabat

ambassade du qatar

bureau d'admission Bahrain rabat

Le Me SPA Rabat

boulevard joumairen dubai

villa tanger

Magasin Mystére Mazagan

Restaurant M.Marrakech

Terrasse le Bouregreg Rabat


Our vision is to lead the architecture of our times into new dimensions focusing on a sustainable development in order to meet present and future needs.
At ALA design we endeavor to realize the ideals of each client so that reflects their individual needs and personal being by creating an environment which they will always love to come home to.

We believe that the design processus fundamentally about listening and respecting our client's wishes and wants.

We work on behalf of our clients during the construction phase.

We monitor construction schedules, cost, progress and quality while providing support services such as instruction or clarification to contractors as required.

By evaluating a range of building methods and materials through our forensic engagements, our team possesses a unique advantagewhenitcomes to renovation.

The reconstruction field presents a set of special challenges. Dealing with complications , identifying and solving the problems with in an already built environment is not for the inexperienced. We know what does and does not work to our client's benefit.

Our reconstruction work solves existing problems while addressing future needs.

Our Workshop


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We specialize in highly customized and complex architectural wood working. From start to finish, including shipping and installation. We closely communicate and coordinate with architects, designers, owners and subcontractors (i.e. furniture, dressings, doors, stairs, windows, balcony, amongothers).


We manufacture bespoke doors and windows in a variety of frames, with thermal bridges and a wide selection of mechanisms; anodized or in different textures and colors.


Our designers also offer lines of furniture products to accompany the architectural design "Ala " in an harmonious fashion. For this purpose, we propose collections of various styles of tapestries that can match the different identities we propose for any given space we get in charge of arranging.


At team ALA Design, we strives to promote our Moroccan and Moorish heritage in its richness of style and materials on national and international scales. We bring to customers whodesireso, designs that add a touch of Moroccan style and we do so through implementing various techniques inclusive of craft coatings to walls and floors in a fashion that reflects the beautiful image of our identity, such as : Zellige ,Bjemat , Tadelakt ...


3, Rue Cadi Sanhaji-Pinède-Souissi-10170 Rabat

+212 5 37 65 86 98/54/94

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